Shipping & Returns

Shipment :
Shipments to the United States ship with USPS only.
And shipping to Europe and not Europe, only DHL delivery
In both ways, customers will pay for shipping costs at an economical price starting at $ 11 only.
Shipping rates are possible may be added in each price range of  order.
This price may be reduced after the epidemic situation has improved gradually.
The shop does not accept returns in all cases. Because the products in some items are made to order products And will not returns the products in all cases as well.
Replacement Goods
If the order is incomplete due to a faulty or missing product
Our shop will provide replacement products to customers at no additional cost.
Shipping methods the replacement goods
If the mistake have going on after an epidemic situation, we will choose shipped method in economy mode.
and If the replacement goods less than $25, we will AirMail delivery by domestic post without tracking number.
But If the value of the products is more than $25, the shop will shipped via DHL. And If the mistake occurs during an epidemic situation, we will deliver via DHL E-Commerce.

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Shipping & Return

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